travessias: tourist guide map

my touch in this project: lettering, illustrations, map design and iconography
mosaico is a region in brazil that is rich in fauna and flora. located between the north of the state of minas gerais and south of bahia. the area is divided into three nuclei: sertão veredas, pandeiro and peruaçu. the mosaico region is full of landscapes that overflow with local stories and enable a lot of adventurous and traditional experiences related to the community.
travessias: mosaico de sertão veredas ao peruaçu was developed to show the beauty of the region and attract more tourists. inspired by their culture and woodcut, the guide - which can be accessed online or physically - informs what is interesting in the region and shows a little of what can be seen by the visitors of the mosaico.

the colorful illustrations bring both elements of the novel "grande sertão: veredas" and religious elements, like saints celebrated in great events of the region.

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